Meet Ms. Gray / Upper Deck

Not only are these indoor/outdoor designer 22” x 22” pillows interchangeable, but each selection has a second style inside! You can easily reverse the panels for a new look, or mix-and-match with others in the collection.

Add an Insert

The Luxury insert is a 23” x 23” custom-made 64 oz gel insert. It provides comfort and substantial fullness and will rest steady wherever you place it. Best used indoors, it can be a terrific option for outdoor use as well. The weight of the pillow can keep it from blowing around easily.

The Premium insert is a 23” x 23” custom-made full-bodied 40 oz indoor/outdoor insert. It is constructed with a microbial-resistant BellBloc® fabric liner and a quick-drying, coarse-fiber polyester fill.

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