What is the The Original finaryrre® Pillow?

(pronounced: fin-air)

The Original finaryrre® Pillow is a 22”x 22” indoor/outdoor designer pillow, constructed with Sunbrella or Bella-dura Polyolefin performance fabrics. Each pillow cover has two separate panels that are united by a separating zipper. Rather than a traditional welt, the zipper goes completely around the pillow and is not only a decorative design element, but it is utilized for its functionality. When completely unzipped, the pillow panels come entirely apart. 

The Original finaryrre® Pillow offers two types of pillows, the Interchangeable line or the Interchangeable & Reversible line. The interchangeable (switchable) pillow has fabric on one side of each panel. The Interchangeable & Reversible (turn inside-out) pillow has fabric on both sides of each panel. Both lines can be taken apart and rejoined with other complementary panels.

Partners Jack Griffin, Barbara Murphy-Leary and Victor Dompierre have spent the last five years working diligently to bring The Original finaryrre® Pillow to market. Victor, an accomplished fabricator, invented and successfully received a patent for the interchangeable and reversible pillow in 2019.

The trio established a partnership and the company, Finaryrre, LLC. The spelling of finaryrre (pronounced: fin-air) reflects their collaborative spirit; “fin” from Griffin, “ary” from Leary and “rre” from Dompierre.

The pillows are also available for purchase at the Dompierre Showroom, a full-service interior design showroom, located at 17 Roosevelt Blvd., Marmora NJ 08223.

The team has several other innovative product lines in the pipeline and are actively seeking licensing and retail partnerships. For information contact hello@finaryrre.com 

Finaryrre LLC
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Marmora, NJ 08223

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